Thursday, April 27, 2006

best natto brand yet - day 19

this morning i beat the natto before adding anything to it. the neba neba was gorgeous: white, unctious, and fluffy. it was so beautiful i had to taste it plain. the appearance was not deceitful; this is definitely the best natto i've had so far. the beans have a crunchy consistency; the taste is natto, but not harsh; and the neba neba, well - see above. it was very good.

but then i added soy sauce. the sauce makes everything slimy. and when the original natto has such subtle taste and texture, it ruins it. it was better with nothing at all.

is it conceivable that i am already becoming an instransigent natto aficionado?

(i will try to find a way to post a picture of this great brand of natto, but in case you are in front of the assortment of natto boxes at the supermarket, here is a description: 2 x 50g styrofoam boxes per pack, orange packaging, mostly japanese characters but picture of small, bespectacled grandma figure in top right hand corner. i always imagine her to be knitting, but she isn't).


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