Sunday, April 09, 2006

Day 1: It tastes bad

You could describe the aroma as "nutty." You could call the flavor "cheese-like." You might, in the end, just declare it disgusting. You could say whatever you wanted, but ultimately you would fail to capture the true repugnance of this so-called food.* I will try, in the weeks ahead, to find better words for the taste of this thing. For now I can merely say that it tastes bad.

I have tasted it before, but merely a small bite, just enough to know that I didn't want a larger bite, let alone a whole mouthful. Let alone a whole serving (as defined by the amount contained in the small Styrofoam containers in which it is served). I was only able to choke down three mouthfuls, nearly gagging on the first two. Eventually I will like it, but not today. Tomorrow, of course, is a new day.

*No offense to natto-lovers -- I will join you soon.


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