Sunday, April 09, 2006

day 1

after a friendly brunch in harlem, we proceeded to open two little white styrofoam boxes, which are the typical natto packaging. the appearance alone is distasteful. the small ochre beans are covered in sticky, whitish, spiderweb-like filaments. the smell is neither too strong, nor too repulsive. the adjective that comes to mind is nutty. not in an agreeable, hazelnuts-roasting-in-the-oven way, but not sickening either. so here goes with a big mouthful. and i swear this has never happened to me before, but in this moment, i am nauseated. i only managed to summon up the courage for one other mouthful, so i would be hard-pressed to describe the taste in detail. but it is worst than anything i have eaten.

it is midnight and, needless to say, i am not looking forward to tomorrow morning.


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