Thursday, April 20, 2006

Day 12: Attack of the Neba Neba

If you've been following along (and I know you have been), you'll know that people have been telling us that we're not stirring the natto enough, and thus not getting the full effect of the sticky neba neba, which can be whipped into an even gooier form by essentially beating the natto with one's chopsticks. I put the natto in a nice little bowl this morning (why didn't I think of that earlier -- eating from foam containers is so lame) and whipped up the beans. As you can see, the neba neba factor was definitely increased, creating a thick, almost fluffy paste as opposed to a simple stringy goo. This did in fact make the natto more interesting. I think I've gotten over the goo factor, so this was actually an interesting variation, and on balance I would say a positive one. We switch to a new brand of natto tomorrow, and I have to say that I'm apprehensive -- I'm worried that the "happy-natto-woman" brand has been especially kind to us and that the new brand may bring a return of the repulsion if it is significantly more pungent or otherwise funky.


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