Saturday, April 15, 2006

Day 7: Yet Another Natto Brand

On the advice of a natto expert where Valerie has been buying natto, we switched to "happy-natto-woman" brand natto today. I was in somewhat of a rush when I ate it, so a full report will have to wait until Day 8. However, it does seem clear now that Valerie was correct about some of our previous natto boxes being rotten, though the white mold was I think less prevelant in my supply than in hers. At any rate, this brand of natto does seem to have a different tast which at first blush is more palatable (which could, of course, be due to the rotten state of our previous natto batch). I still only ate half a box, but I'm actually looking forward to Day 8 when I have more time to ponder the flavor and texture of this new natto.


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