Saturday, April 29, 2006

do we take natto too seriously ? - day 21

i finally send yuji - whom I knew to be a lover of natto - a link to thenattoproject and he responded with some valuable info:

"You are right about beating natto prior to adding anything. Very interesting to hear you two talk about my favorite thing in the world. (maybe you two take natto too seriously) My usual routine is to add a lot of grated radish and soy sauce and a little bit of bonito powder (available at Sunrise Mart under the name “KATSUO DASHI”). Try that!"

suddenly the idea of eating natto without bonito powder or radish (daikon, i guess, right?) seems so boring that i can't really enjoy today's bowl. but since i need to replenish my natto supply tomorrow, i will look for the other ingredients. i'm giddy with anticipation.


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