Tuesday, April 18, 2006

going all out - day 10

after a tremendous sushi experience yesterday evening, steve and i decided to go to sakagura for one last glass of sake. i was fairly satiated by our dinner of fish livers, white salmon, freshwater eel, hamachi, toro, uni, three orders of mochi ice, and much much more - but i guess steve was still just a little hungry. in any case we ordered maguro natto: cubes of tuna sashimi topped with natto. this being a natto "bonus," if you will, i did tolerate the addition of soy sauce. it wasn't bad. i'd even say i enjoyed it. worse still, i think i was a little heavy handed on the soy sauce, which overpowered the subtle taste of natto.

funny thing is, maguro natto at sakagura is responsible for this experiment in the first place. a few months ago, chad, who obviously didn't know what he was getting into, tried to impress some kids from hollywood and ended up choking on the stuff. that's how it all strarted. so have we come full circle, after just 10 days?

apparently not. my appreciation of maguro natto was probably distorted by the delectable meal we had just barely finished. and today i couldn't bring myself to face natto until much, much later in the day.


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