Wednesday, April 12, 2006

grapes vs kumquats - day 4

on the basis of my recently developed slime-coated-palate theory, i tried something slightly different this morning. i took a smaller bite. not a tiny mouthful; i would say, the size of a grape, as opposed to that of a kumquat. now this, undeniably, does help. the first mouthful is less vile, given its new reduced size, yet has the same effect of laminating the palate, thus making it less sensitive to future natto. i managed to eat five chopsticksfuls (the equivalent of about 4 kumquat bites), and most importantly, this time, for the first time, i didn't feel as though i was about to vomit.

re comments: a growing number of natto aficionados on and off the blog have commented on the fact that natto is not meant to be eaten alone. usually it is served with rice, but in any case it is always seasoned. while we were aware of this before we started the experiment, we decided in favor of straight natto for 2 reasons:

1. it was illusory to think that we would make rice for breakfast every morning
2. we're really hard-core


Abie said...

I can see the logic in that, although buiding a tolerance is usually made step by step (say, for piment).

1:35 PM  

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