Wednesday, April 19, 2006

it's a learning process - day 11

it's a good point about "beating" the hell out of natto (see link in chad's day 10 post). i'd read that before and forgot about it. or at the time i thought it would only release the strong and odious forces of natto. but at the time i was ignorant of the surprising qualities of neba neba.

i do mix my natto before eating it, but half-heartedly. i will try beating it into a foam tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I am in Mexico right now which is a very far away place from Natto. But since this is such an important subject, I cannot ignore the email inquiry. Notice that I capitalized Natto. Natto is a very unique food that satisfies a very unique craving, namely, a craving for Natto. You can't just eat Natto when you are hungry or because you want to eat something for the heck of eating. Natto is something you eat because you crave it. And for true Natto lovers like myself, if given Natto, I will eat it first before the intended main meal. My daughter asks for Natto some mornings before she is really fully awake. She craves it. But having said that, I do not think Natto is an acquired taste. You either love it or you don't. Of course, like other important things in life, I believe it is very important that your first Natto experience is a good one. It has to be prepared properly. It cannot be warm in my opinion. If anything, I like it chilled. With soysauce and yellow mustard. I used to always put an egg yolk in it and whip it up until foamy until a friend showed me in 2000 that it could be whipped up just as well without an egg. Whipping is key. I love the combination of Natto and onori over rice, but it is also great over squid sashimi or maguro chunks. I prefer oshoyu mixed in mine over the tare sauces provided in the containers. I have never known a Natto lover to eat it out of the styrofoam containers. That is disgusting. I think Tokyo people love Natto and not so much Kansai people. My grandfather wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pair of chopsticks. Now you have me craving Natto which i am not likely to find where i am now, but i will thaw 3 boxes as soon as i get back --- which means i will have to thaw 9 boxes in all since both my daughters will want it, too, as soon as they see me eating it. My husband will not kiss lips that have touched natto for at least a day, two if scallions were put in it; and normally, he will make my daughers take a shower after eating natto since the smell gets everywhere with the sticky, stringy Natto web that gets onto everything. Enjoy!

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