Friday, April 14, 2006

moldy natto? - day 6

you know that "gritty" texture chad saw on the "crazy-cartoon-natto-chef" natto? that's mold. i'm pretty sure. i've noticed that every day the mold expands, and the beans seem more shriveled. i know the soy is fermented and becomes coated in a slimy gooey web, but i'm not sure whether it's supposed to develop white fuzz. one packet mentioned that natto should be eaten within 7 to 10 days, but unfortunately, there is no date on the packaging - at least no english transcription. since natto cannot be found at every corner deli, even in nyc, we decided to get a supply for the week. but maybe the natto had been sitting on the japanese supermarket shelf for 5 days already. so maybe we are now, in fact, eating rotten fermented soybeans.

the taste is pretty much the same, though. it's the texture that has changed: the beans are less crunchy.

(i ate half the box of moldy natto, regardless. i'm way beyond that now.)


Chad Allen said...

Ummmm... can any natto experts weigh in on whether we are eating rotten, moldy natto or not?

12:02 PM  
Natto Expert said...

It was rotten.

2:01 PM  
another natto expert said...

Just like fine wines, some natto is better than others. You test the quality by putting natto in a bowl and mixing it with luke warm water until nabu nabu form. Put it in the fridge for a day and if it still becomes nabu nabu when stirred again then you know your natto is right. No nabu nabu natto, no good natto. As simple as that ...

4:09 PM  
Chad Allen said...

I haven't been able to find a translation for "nabu nabu." Anyone care to elaborate?

4:59 PM  
curious bystander said...

Maybe it's neba neba?

9:26 PM  
Chad Allen said...

Yes, must be neba neba. See last sentence here.

10:07 AM  
Made in DNA said...

yeah, sorry about that dude. i was all over this like flypaper on the day you asked, but then forgot to post. =P i just remembered you were doing this today and came here to find, you had found out already. sorry i have been such lousy help on this. it's been a hell of a month since i moved in with my in-laws. they are a non-stop family. me, on the other hand, i'm kind of a "when i get around to it kinda guy". so unfortunately i get sucked up in a lot of things and much of my me time has gone to hell in a handbasket. not that i'm complaining as i enjoy my time with them immensely. but it is an UNPRECENDENTED change in my lifestyle.

8:54 AM  

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