Friday, April 21, 2006

natto is not natto is not natto - day 13

we started a new brand of natto this morning. i'm sure chad will post a picture of the packaging of today's "good" natto. this natto is quite different. the neba neba is unctious, and barely needs beating to reveal its bubbly quality. everyone knows, by now, that lots of foamy goo is good. but is that all there is too it? i would say this natto definitely has the best quality neba neba so far. however, it is also more pungent. and this - in my world at least - is not so good. i prefered the slightly less acrid taste of the happy-natto-woman natto. is it ok to like natto of the less natto-y kind, or do real natto lovers accept among their ranks only those who appreciate very strong natto? and does the abundant neba neba always come with a sharper taste?

the more you learn about natto, the more questions arise. i am beginning to understand the fascination.


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