Sunday, April 23, 2006

the natto project - phase 2

we began eating natto 2 weeks ago.

the first time chad and i ate natto, it made us gag. this was a stronger reaction than either of us had ever experienced while ingesting something edible. i'm still not certain exactly why, but we decided to make an experiment, and see how long it would take our tastebuds to get used to a food which initially was so violently repulsive. interestingly, it took us both about 10 days to get rid of the aversion. though neither of us would admit to really liking natto - let alone crave it - we can now eat half (for me), or a full (chad) box without flinching.

in less than two weeks we came to tolerate a substance which initially made us want to vomit. i think we were both quite surprised at how fast this went.

but we all know that natto is not intended to be eaten unseasoned. in fact, most natto lovers we have talked to can't imagine eating it plain. (i love steak tartare, i often crave it, but would i want to eat raw beef without the mustard, capers, anchovies, parsley, ketchup, and cornichons?) to see whether we can really learn to like natto we must eat it as the japanese do: with rice, soy sauce, mustard, scallions, squid sahimi, maguro chunks, etc...

so today we met for brunch and had a bowl of natto over rice with soy sauce (kikkoman from a bottle), mustard (that comes with the box), and finely chopped scallions.

of course, we didn't forget to beat the natto to extract perfect neba neba:

it was really good.


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