Monday, April 17, 2006

neba neba - day 9

according to my very un-japanese husband thomas, neba neba is a term the japanese use to describe "slimy" food. i'll take his word for it. for the sake of this blog, neba neba will be slime from now on.

one of the first elements of repulsion when approaching natto is undeniably the sticky goo that resembles spiderwebs when the beans are pulled asunder. so here is a sign that the experiment is bearing some fruit: i am developing a certain fondness for the goo. and one of the striking differences between the old and new natto is the quality of the slime - neba neba, as we like to call it. while the beans remain firm, the new natto has more neba neba, which has a lighter, nearly foamy quality. yum!

apparently, we are getting somewhere... neba neba!


thomas said...

thank you for the reference to your un-japanese husband. to further elaborate on the subject. as far as my un-japanese knowledge goes, neba neba is apparently not slimy food, but the way that one describes the "sound" that is made by "sticky" food, such as natto. while it appears to me that americans and europeans (or maybe also other cultures, but who knows?) do not even have a word for the sound of food, the japanese seem to have a word not only for the sound of natto, but also for other sounds that do not even remotely seem to be associated with sensual experiences for the non-japanese person, such as the sound of falling snow, which my very-japanese friend ken kuramato described as: listen, tsing tsing ....

10:13 PM  
thomas said...

by the way: paku paku!

10:29 PM  

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