Monday, April 17, 2006

new natto - day 7

i'm writing this monday morning because this weekend i was too busy worrying about the whole (including severed head) milk-fed baby lamb my butcher sold me for easter dinner. i did not cook or eat the head. the rest was very tasty. but back to natto.

as you recall we were eating bad natto last week. so although chad was in charge of getting this week's supply, friday afternoon i braved the drizzle and rushed to sunrise mart in the east village (4 stuyvesant street, 2nd floor; between angel's share and st. mark's bookstore), the "japanese specialty market" where everyone speaks the language and can give you first hand, personal advice on the different kinds of natto. the gentleman who recommended the "happy-natto-woman" brand obviously knows what he's talking about. it was incomparably better than the rotten thing we had been choking on all week.

saturday i noticed that it was more palatable, today i started to discover why. but that'll be covered in day9.


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