Thursday, April 13, 2006

on the sunny side - day 5

four ways to better savor the delicacy that is natto:

1. first, drink coffee. if you happen to finish the cup because in a blissful, absent-minded moment you forgot about the impending natto, don't panic:
2. toast some bread and take out the butter, peanut butter, and whole dark cherry jam for later
3. relax
4. while you're eating the rotten soybeans, read momofuku chef david chang's cooking philosophy: "...we just try not to make anything vegetarian. we're just doing the food we like, and we like meat. we don't make a vegetarian broth, because we don't want to, and we don't make vegetarian versions of things because they just don't taste as good as the versions we do make." amen.

before you know it, you'll have eaten half the box.


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