Friday, April 28, 2006

plain pure natto - day 20

today i am eating pure, unadulterated "knitting-grandma" natto.

i am enjoying it, and in the process of finishing the whole box (served in a bowl, of course). it is a first for me. before every mouthful i beat the beans to make neba neba, and i think i am slowly beginning to get the spaghetti-like-twirling chopsticks-movement down. slowly.


valeriev said...

hey, i've done it. i've finished the whole box of natto! unf...believable.

11:39 AM  
Anonymous said...

Valerie, I don´t speak (write) English very well. Excuse me in advance for my mistakes. I always eat homemade natto. Here in Goioere, a small city in Brazil, there is no natto´s supplier, then I make a lot of natto using a natto box. Don´t give up, I have 3 kids (15, 12, 9) that love natto!!!

7:10 PM  

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