Monday, April 10, 2006

What I learned on Day 2

1. I cheated a little because I forgot to take the Natto out of the refrigerator until just before eating it. I think it is slightly more palatable when cold. However, in this context, "slightly" is of little comfort. I still only made it to three mouthfuls.

2. You should brush your teeth after eating the Natto. The ineffable taste of this stuff was not enhanced by the lingering, minty Tom's of Maine still clinging to my tastebuds.

3. Brushing your teeth afterwards will not really help. The taste of Natto was still heavy on my tongue two hours after eating it. I am drinking orange juice right now and that seems to be cutting through it. A little bit.

4. The stringy goo is bad. At first I thought it was just a visual unpleasantness. But no, especially when you get a thick strand of goo, it creates a texture that is, well, repulsive. I am going to overuse the word "repulsive" on this blog. It cannot be avoided. Also, I still have no idea what to do with the stringy goo -- it is commonly described as spiderweb-like, and this is accurate. It's just not clear how one should handle the massive spiderweb that grows between the Natto and your mouth as you eat it. Certainly there is a technique, much as there is with eating spaghetti, but it seems far from intuitive.


valeriev said...

i've changed my mind about the pictures. i think you should post them.

3:51 PM  
Made in DNA said...

8:07 AM  
mezoul said...

ganbare, brave-eaters!!!

8:35 AM  
Mortaine said...

Sent here via Made in DNA.

Holy cow. You are brave. BRAVE.

Good luck.

9:54 AM  
Anonymous said...

1. I think this blog is brilliant, a kind of "why didn't I think of that first?"

2. ORANGE JUICE? Are you crazy? That's like brushing your teeth and drinking the stuff. Natto's why the Japanese drink osake and shochu. ;)

3. For a Frenchman who admits to enjoying the delicacies of the innards, which I also do, I can only predict you will come to love the natto. Aftertaste, yes - but soon enough the nuttiness will reveal its meaning.

4. Searching for stringiness goodness? OHASHI! (Chopsticks). It's a game, man. Twirl, twirl, twirl. Like New Order sang, "You got a lot of technique!"

5. In case you didn't already know, natto is usually not an "eat-as-is" dish. It's added to rice, or is added by kimchee, cucumbers, and anything else to...well, kill the taste. Did you know that there's a huge "Natto + Camembert Cheese" crew? Oh yeah, and don't forget to toast before eating.

6. Do you add the karashi (mustard) or soy sauce that comes with the styrofoam package? Yes, yes, yes...natto is not meant to be eaten alone (although we do).

Really do enjoy this blog, and hope you sooner-than-later learn to appreciate natto. It's hardly as bad as the rep.

I eat 2 packs every day, and as long as I don't try to wash it down with orange juice -I drink ao jiru instead- you'll live.


10:55 AM  
Made in DNA said...

and mortaine even created an LJ RSS feed...

I think this is getting out of control ... before it's even had a chance to be uncontrollable!!! ><

11:16 AM  
Anonymous said...

Try it with mustard, shoyu and chopped green onions. It makes it much more palatable.

I hated natto at first, but now I think it is not too bad. It is definitely an acquired taste.

Good luck!!

4:03 PM  
Chad Allen said...

Interesting ideas all. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement. And, yes, at some point we will probably branch out into other natto dishes that include nice things like mustard and onions and cucumbers. For the time being, though, we're interested in trying to accquire the taste in its pure form. We'll keep you posted...

8:09 PM  

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