Monday, May 01, 2006

Day 23: Not Soy Sauce?

Morgan claims that the little packets in the natto boxes are not soy sauce. I dunno. Looks like soy sauce; tastes like soy sauce; smells like soy sauce. But if you've been following along then you know that my capacity to doubt my palate is significant. I think Morgan should just post a comment and tell us all what is actually in those packets. I'm hoping it's something cool like clarified fish-eye extract.


Morgan said...

It's called tsuyu and it's the same stuff you dip your soba in. It already has bonito in it, so I thought it was interesting you still add the powder -- never heard of that. Is it really straight bonito powder or is it the dashi mix you use to make soup?

Behold, tsuyu:

It's made of soy sauce, dashi, mirin, and often MSG.

I often get the cheap mitto natto with no packets inside and just use tsuyus straight out of the bottle.

9:41 PM  
valeriev said...

thanks for the tsuyu info.

actually, i (valerie) am the one who adds bonito powder, and i don't use the packets that come with the natto (so i don't use tsuyu), i use regular soy sauce from the bottle. i have absolutely no idea what kind of bonito powder i am using, though, because the people at sunrise mart were not nearly as helpful on that subject as they were regarding natto (the guy didn't know what i was talking about, so he asked another guy, but everyone was kind of stressed because the store was full, so i just took the first thing he handed me...).

but tsuyu sounds interesting. i will try that next time.

5:07 PM  
Morgan said...

Yeah, by using soy sauce and bonito powder together, you're basically replicating the effect of the tsuyu.

7:45 PM  

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