Thursday, May 04, 2006

Day 26: Shiso

The mysterious Morgan continues to provide invaluable natto insights. As she explained, the "Crazy-Cartoon-Natto-Chef" natto comes with Shiso sauce, which I ate again this morning. Shiso is an herb in the mint family. Shiso sauce is a little more mysterious. Kikkoman lists a recipe for plum Shiso sauce on their website (using Kikkoman Plum Sauce, of course), but mostly what I found were recipes calling for Shiso leaves. Some recipes also call for Shiso sauce, which I presume is sitting on the shelf at the Japanese grocery. For the time being, however, I'm the dark about what is in my Shiso sauce, or Shiso sauce in general (besides Shiso, of course; I'm guessing the flakes I noticed yesterday are the actual chopped up Shiso leaves -- and it did taste vaguely sweet and fruity, so maybe plum sauce is a common base for Shiso sauce).


thunderfarter said...

Hello, I am living in japan. People says chinese eat everything. well almost. Anyway, I'm of chinese decendant so natto is no problem. Its great on rice and glad you are open to try someting different. Its good for you. keep it up !

I have a suggestion... try durian next time. a Malaysian King of the fruit. Good ones has a tad of bitterness, not mushy. Just like natto, it has a strong smell but taste heavenly like cheese.

: )

12:03 PM  

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