Tuesday, May 02, 2006

new natto with daikon radish and bonito powder - day 24

i have a new brand of natto this morning. it is all writing, no comic-book figure. yellow background, green and brown characters. the neba neba is not as abundant as the previous brands i tried, but the beans have great consistency. i forgot to taste it plain, but i will give you a thorough critique tomorrow.

i'm working on the proportions. i think i added just the right amount of daikon radish today, i still can't taste the bonito powder much, but i used a different soy sauce and it's much better. previously i used a bottle of naturally brewed kikkoman premium soy sauce. the taste is too strong and overpowering. today i used one of dozens of little soy sauce packs we hoarded from left over sushi delivery. it is naturally brewed yamasa less salt soy sauce. i like it.


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