Thursday, May 11, 2006

leftovers - day 33

i am eating natto with leftover rice, scallions, daikon, and tsuyu. it's better with freshly made rice, but it's worse without it.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

i doubt i will keep this up, though - day 31

this morning i ate my natto over rice, with tsuyu, scallions, and grated radish. it really is a good breakfast, but it is time-consuming.

Monday, May 08, 2006

bad start - day 30

well, here i am, day one of my new natto phase and i had plain natto (with the tsuyu packet) again this morning. it was ok for breakfast after an (unusual) early morning jog along the river.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

4 weeks of natto - day 29

we have been eating natto for 4 weeks today, this is the state of things:

i can honestly enjoy a bowl of natto over rice with scallions, shizo, daikon radish, and tsuyu.

i don't like the mustard that comes with the natto packages (today i ate my natto with both packages of tsuyu and mustard, but the taste of the mustard puts me off).

i still don't look forward to eating my daily natto, but that's just because i'm too lazy to make rice every morning, and too disorganized to constantly have on hand a supply of daikon, scallions, and shizo, so i usually eat natto just lightly seasoned with tsuyu, which is not very exciting. rice makes a huge difference.

so, my plan for the next couple of weeks is to try to stock my fridge and make rice.

natto should always be eaten this way - day 28

steve invited us to a homemade sushi party last night, and chad had the good sense to bring natto. since he wanted to offer it to all the guests, he planned to buy a trusted brand, my good "knitting grandmother" kind - which, as you may recall, i had described as: "orange packaging, mostly japanese characters but picture of small, bespectacled grandma figure in top right hand corner. i always imagine her to be knitting, but she isn't." with this description in mind, chad bought natto with green and white packaging, the picture of a bowl of natto with scallions, and a little hello-kitty type figure in the top left hand corner...

but it was fine. it was a new kind of natto where the beans are pre-chopped, and it tasted very mild (apparently the mildness was advocated on the package, which yoko was able to translate for us).

we made a big bowl of natto over rice with finely chopped scallions and shizo leaf, grated daikon radish, tsuyu (from a newly purchased bottle), and mustard (from the little packets that come with the natto).

nearly everyone had some. i thought it tasted really good; i hope the others will post their impressions...

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Day 28: Natto for Everyone

I ate natto twice today. Once in the morning before a nice bike ride in the sunshine, and then later at Steve's sushi party where Valerie and I made natto for everyone. Look for details from Valerie...

Friday, May 05, 2006

Day 27: Nobody Eats Natto

Day 27 was a tough one, I guess. I woke up too late to eat natto at home, then had breakfast at the diner once I got to work. I was going to eat it for lunch but forgot it was in my bag. Oh well.

day 27

thomas says i can't lie to the web so i must confess that, once again, i did not eat natto today.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Day 26: Shiso

The mysterious Morgan continues to provide invaluable natto insights. As she explained, the "Crazy-Cartoon-Natto-Chef" natto comes with Shiso sauce, which I ate again this morning. Shiso is an herb in the mint family. Shiso sauce is a little more mysterious. Kikkoman lists a recipe for plum Shiso sauce on their website (using Kikkoman Plum Sauce, of course), but mostly what I found were recipes calling for Shiso leaves. Some recipes also call for Shiso sauce, which I presume is sitting on the shelf at the Japanese grocery. For the time being, however, I'm the dark about what is in my Shiso sauce, or Shiso sauce in general (besides Shiso, of course; I'm guessing the flakes I noticed yesterday are the actual chopped up Shiso leaves -- and it did taste vaguely sweet and fruity, so maybe plum sauce is a common base for Shiso sauce).

tsuyu - day 26

i am now eating bland natto with grated daikon radish and the small packet of tsuyu that comes with the natto. it's definitely better than the soy sauce. thanks morgan.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

natto as an appetizer - day 25

i didn't eat natto for breakfast. i have no excuse for this - except maybe that my mother's visiting right now - and i didn't find another good moment during the day. this evening i went jogging along the hudson river at twilight, listening to pulp and johnny cash. it was raining mildly, and everything was perfect. when i got home dinner was ready (how much better can it get?), but ... i still had to eat my daily natto. so i quickly had a few bites of plain natto on an empty, hungry, exercised stomach (as chad advised).

this is my take on it: eating natto when you're hungry may make a difference, but as an appetizer it doesn't stand a chance. the meal beckoned, was i to waste my time and appetite on soy beans? i did, however, eat enough to report the characteristics of this new brand: the neba neba is terrible - it's stringy rather than fluffy; the consistency of the beans is good - they are firm and crunchy; the taste, finally, is fairly mild. all in all a rather bland specimen.

Day 25: Not Soy Sauce; Return of Crazy Cartoon Natto Chef

Yesterday I went to the Jas Mart on the Upper West Side and bought a pack of the infamous "Crazy-Cartoon-Natto-Chef" natto. Last time we had this it started to go bad, so I wanted to try it again. This time it wasn't rotten, but I found it really, really bland. I guess that's a good thing, since I take it as a sign that I've developed some natto resistance and the ability to distinguish between nattos to some extent. It still tasted like natto, but didn't have the rich nuttiness or gooey neba neba. Avoid this brand, I say.

Also, it came with a thick paste (packet at left). This follows on an interesting thread started by Morgan, in which she informed us that the packets in most natto boxes are not soy sauce, as we had believed, but rather tsuyu. I have no idea what the packet in this box was -- it tasted a little bit like the bad "duck sauce" you get with cheap Chinese take out, and had little flakes of something (fish?) in it. At any rate, it didn't do much to enhance the flavor, and I definitely prefer the tsuyu and mustard packets in most natto boxes.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Day 24: Eat Natto When You're Hungry

Today I did a couple of laps around Central Park on my road bike before breakfast (natto). It was nice to eat natto on an empty, hungry stomach. It felt like a solid breakfast. I really like the "classy-packaging" natto and will be sad to move onto another brand. I did realize today that I still have a tough time with the first bite, just because the neba neba looks so much like snot. But once I stuff it in my mouth everything is good, and the rest of the natto goes down without a problem.

new natto with daikon radish and bonito powder - day 24

i have a new brand of natto this morning. it is all writing, no comic-book figure. yellow background, green and brown characters. the neba neba is not as abundant as the previous brands i tried, but the beans have great consistency. i forgot to taste it plain, but i will give you a thorough critique tomorrow.

i'm working on the proportions. i think i added just the right amount of daikon radish today, i still can't taste the bonito powder much, but i used a different soy sauce and it's much better. previously i used a bottle of naturally brewed kikkoman premium soy sauce. the taste is too strong and overpowering. today i used one of dozens of little soy sauce packs we hoarded from left over sushi delivery. it is naturally brewed yamasa less salt soy sauce. i like it.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Day 23: Not Soy Sauce?

Morgan claims that the little packets in the natto boxes are not soy sauce. I dunno. Looks like soy sauce; tastes like soy sauce; smells like soy sauce. But if you've been following along then you know that my capacity to doubt my palate is significant. I think Morgan should just post a comment and tell us all what is actually in those packets. I'm hoping it's something cool like clarified fish-eye extract.

natto with daikon radish and bonito powder - day 23

finally, after two suspenseful days, i am eating natto with daikon radish, soy sauce, and bonito powder! i think i grated too much radish (there was more radish than natto in the bowl). the bonito is barely perceptible. and i don't like my soy sauce very much; it's too strong.

so, there is still some fine-tuning to do...